Environmental Science & Ecology Research Paper Topics

Selecting a research topic is often a challenging thing for many students. With multiple trends in environmental science, there are various topics on which you can base your research paper.

However, you should ensure that the topic can be catered for with the available resources as fieldwork is required when concluding environmental science. Read on for environmental science paper writing tips and some environment research paper topics.

Writing environmental science paper topics

Like any other discipline, there are multiple steps you should follow to prepare a quality environmental research paper. These steps are outlined below.


When approaching a topic, you usually have a perspective you wish to tackle. As such, you should cover tons of materials to gauge the extent to which your idea has been exhausted.

This research helps avoid plagiarism and also enables you to gauge the broadness of your topic. In this step, you can determine the counterarguments to your case and plan to address these within your paper.

Also, develop an outline connecting ideas and showing how you can mitigate the impact of various recommendations.


For this, you should start with the main text and finalize with the introduction and conclusion. This will help you to develop the general analysis and determine the significant ideas in your argument.

Preferably, cover this area with a cause-effect approach. Also, cover multiple solutions to various environmental problems and evaluate the impacts and effectiveness of each solution.

Tips for selecting environmental science paper topics

When preparing your research paper on environmental issues, you should ensure that it can capture the attention of the supervisors and scholars. For this, the topic should;

  • Address a real-world problem relating to ecology, climatic and environmental issues
  • Be relevant to the thesis statement (if provided) and achievable within the confines of the provided resources.
  • Address a unique problem that is yet to be addressed in an academic publication.

Environment paper topic ideas

When sifting through the topic ideas at your disposal, you should categorize environmental issues into various fields for your research paper. These fields may encapsulate ideas relating to climate change, preserving species diversity, water quality preservation, and waste management.

  • Global warming. When covering a topic related to global warming, you could consider cases where its effects have impacted biodiversity and measures to mitigate the issues.
  • For pollution, you may focus on the human contribution to various types of pollution and issues to curb the damage.
  • Preserving species diversity may be covered as a case study highlighting a specific area and influences that have caused the upset. Here you may cover the steps taken by other countries facing similar encroachment issues and how they would impact the region under study.

Sustainability paper topics

  • Cost-efficient lighting alternatives for modern architects
  • A case study on cost-efficient mitigation to pollution
  • Green construction: an analysis on its financial implications and applicability
  • How sustainability influences climate change
  • Changes that you can adapt to the daily routine to improve sustainability

Environment paper topics

  • Controlling invasive species to sustain the diversity of native species
  • The effects of biodiversity loss on humanity
  • Impact of overpopulation on an ecosystem
  • Legal approaches to regulate pollution
  • Principles of environmental law

Ecology topics for research paper

  • Driving forces that result in species extinction
  • How various relationships are formed within an ecosystem
  • Survival mechanisms for coping with extreme conditions
  • Role of plants in combating climate change
  • Long-term repercussions of plastic pollution

Climate change paper topics

  • The impact of climate change on aquatic species biodiversity
  • What is global warming? Can it be reversed?
  • The correlation between climate change and healthcare
  • The effect of factory farming on climate and potential mitigation approaches
  • A study into Canada’s rising greenhouse emissions

Final Take

Writing an environmental science research paper requires meticulous planning and proper topic selection. This article should come in handy to inspire your topic selection and help you to develop a relevant topic.

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